Chrome Alloy Wheels

Chrome Alloy Truck Wheels Are Here!

We can polish and assortment of alloy parts to a superior standard using our specialised polishing equipment and experienced staff.

Due to popular demand we are currently in the process of establishing an electroplating plant to chrome alloy. This means there be more competition in the chrome alloy industry, coming from an experienced electroplating business that knows electroplating inside and out. This will further complement our already established chrome business and allow Albury Electroplaters to expand into the ever demanding alloy truck and bus wheel industry.

Albury Electroplaters was the first electroplating shop to begin chroming steel truck and bus wheels and rims for the transport industry. It is now time to turn our attention to chroming alloy truck and bus wheels and give our new competitors a bit of a shake up. The chrome alloy will be a superior super bright chrome finish just like our steel wheels and rims.

ALLOY TRUCK WHEELS HAVE ARRIVED!! To keep costs down we have decided to use a Tyres4U alloy wheel (looks the same as the alcoa) and have them chromed overseas, whilst they may not be chromed from here (not yet, we are still working on this), we can assure a superior finish with a 2 year chrome warranty and a 5 year wheel warranty. This makes the cost of a steer or drive wheel (polished and plated both sides) very competitive and even close to half the price of some competitors in the alloy wheel market. We have American 10/285 drive/steer and European 10/335 drive/steer available right now.

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